The Good,
The Bad,
The Love.

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Hilton Love for Our Training!

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Microsoft Word and Excel below!

Word Document #1 (below)

This document has the look of
professional formatting.
However, this document was
not formatted properly.
This document took hours to
format when only minutes
were required to bring out
the professsional look.
Also time consuming is
updating this document
which is common, and happens
with great frequency.

Word Document #2 (below)

This document is titled:
"Correctly formatted:"

This document is professionally
(and properly) formatted.
All the formatting tools provided
by Microsoft were
used properly. Updating this
document would take
only moments due to its
proper formatting.

Word Document #3 (below)

Click, download, open this
document. Once opened,
format this document to look
exactly as the document
titled "Correctly formatted:"
(in the paragraph above)
Use proper Microsoft
Word formatting tools.

Optional Exercise
for Microsoft Word
Instructions: (read below)

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Open a new blank
Microsoft Word document.

Step 3: Type the following


Step 4: Press the "ENTER" key.

You now have
36 paragraphs of information

Microsoft Excel
Instructions: (read below)

Click here to download the Excel file.

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