Executive Admins LOVE Tim's training so much
they invited Tim to Las Vegas and 13 other presentations throughout California!

Invited to Las Vegas, Nevada!!! (below)

Invited to Citrus Valley (Los Angeles)(below)

Invited to Beverly Hills / Century City, California (below)

Invited to California Law Enforcement Administrators (below)

Invited to Cucamonga Valley, (Los Angeles, California)(below)

Invited to El Camino (Silicon Valley, California) (below)

Invited to Orange Empire (Orange County, California) (below)

Invited to Pasadena Chapter, Pasadena, California (below)

Invited to Tri-City (Silicon Valley, California) (below)

Invited to California Parks and Recreation State-wide Conference (below)

Invited to San Francisco Legal Professionals (below)

Invited to California Law Enforcement State-wide Conference (below)

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