Tim Owens is the Microsoft trainer for
the Hilton Corporation (since 2013!)
NOTE: Multi-national corporations do
not ask you to return to conduct
more training unless your training
both onsite and online is top-notch!

#1: How it started: Year 2013
Kelly Clayton, (assistant to CEO Mark Wang)
invites Tim from Los Angeles to Florida to
conduct Microsoft Office training.
Employees are "thrilled with the training".

(image below)

#2: Back to Florida! Year 2014
Hilton Grand Vacations invites Tim
back to Florida to conduct more training.

(image below)

#3: Hilton loves Tim's online video training. Year 2017
Hilton loves Tim's "30 second training"
online Microsoft Office video training.
Hilton re-subscribes. (image below)

#4: Yes! More video training Tim! Year 2018
Hilton (again) re-subscribe to Tim's
"30 second training" online video
(image below)

#5: Hilton brings Tim to Atlanta to Train! Year 2018
Hilton invites Tim from Los Angeles to
Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia to conduct
more Microsoft Office training

(image below)

#6: Hilton bring Tim to Hawaii to train! Year 2018
Hilton invites Tim from Los Angeles to Hawaii
to conduct training at the "Asian Pacific Retreat"
This retreat includes employees from Hawaii and Japan.

(image below)

#7: "Good job in Hawaii Tim!" Year 2018
Kelly Clayton thanks Tim
for a great job in Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii
(image below)

#8: Hilton wants Tim in Las Vegas! Year 2018
Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas
regional office invites Tim to
conduct Microsoft Office training.
image below

Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations LOVES Tim's training!!!!