The Hilton Corporation loves Tim's training so much
they invited him to Florida, Georgia,
and flew him to Hawaii to train their people!

Tim Owens is the Microsoft trainer for
the Hilton Corporation (since 2013!)

Follow the cool story below.

#1: How it started: Year 2013

The employees loved Tim's Microsoft online
training webinars so much, they ask Tim
to come to Florida to teach at their Corporate Office.

Kelly Clayton, (assistant to CEO Mark Wang)
invites Tim from Los Angeles to Florida to
conduct Microsoft Office training.

The result? The employees are "thrilled with the training".


#2: Back to Florida for more training! Year 2014

The employees LOVED Tim's training so much
(from the previous year) that Kelly Clayton
and the Hilton Corporation invites Tim
back to Florida to conduct more training.


#3: Hilton loves Tim's online video training. Year 2017

Not only does Hilton love Tim's training (live) at
their offices in Florida, they love Tim's online
recorded Microsoft training ( too!

They love it so much, Hilton re-subscribes for a second year.


#4: Yes! More video training Tim! Year 2018

A third year in a row for Tim's online Microsoft training!!!!!
Hilton (again) re-subscribe to Tim's "30 second training" online video
(image below)

#5: Hilton brings Tim to Atlanta to Train! Year 2018

Three years go by since Tim has done "live" Microsoft
training at Hilton's corporate offices. The employees
love and miss Tim's training so much, they ask to have Tim back!

The Hitlon employees had so much fun the two times
Tim flew into Florida and provided training, the
employees want Tim's training AGAIN!!!
Hilton invites Tim from Los Angeles to
Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia to conduct
more Microsoft Office training


#6: Hilton bring Tim to Hawaii to train! Year 2018

Kelly Clayton (assistant to CEO Mark Wang) had hired
Tim for all these years yet she had never met Tim nor
experienced his training. In Atlanta, things were different.
Kelly was able to not only meet Tim but sit in on the training.

Kelly was so impressed with Tim's training she told Tim,
"I have never experienced such fun and effective training.
Now I understand why my employees always want you back!

Kelly tells Tim his training and his style of training is so
well received, she requests Tim to fly to Hawaii and possibly
Japan to train her employees.

Hilton invites Tim from Los Angeles to Hawaii
to conduct training at the "Asian Pacific Retreat"
This retreat includes employees from Hawaii and Japan.


#7: "Good job in Hawaii Tim!" Year 2018

Kelly Clayton thanks Tim Owens for a great job
training their employees in Hawaii.


#8: Hilton wants Tim in Las Vegas! Year 2018

The fun isn't over!!!!

Some of the employees that were in Tim's class
at the "Atlanta Admins retreat" remember how much they loved his training
Those employees ask if Tim will do training at their offices
in Las Vegas, Nevada! What a testament to Tim's fun and effective training.

Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas
regional office invites Tim to
conduct Microsoft Office training.

Why does Tim share this story? This is the level of professionalism, fun, and
effective training you want for your employees. You want training that your employees
love and find effective to their daily work. Tim' online training videos, live training,
and live webinars provide this and more. Don't settle for "big name" and big boring
training companies.

Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations LOVES Tim's training!!!!

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