Hilton hired Tim Owens to teach Microsoft Office
to the Executive Administrators. The result?

Hilton LOVED Tim's training so much they flew Tim to
Atlanta, Orlando, Honolulu, and Tokyo to teach the
Executive Admins live and in person!

Think about this: to have a "global" corporation
think so highly of your training they fly you around
the world to teach their employees is a HUGE COMPLIMENT.

#1: How it started: Year 2013

Hilton invites Tim to conduct Microsoft Office training.
The training was conducted at their headquarters in Orlando.
The employees are "thrilled with the training". View email (below)

#2: Back to Florida for more training! Year 2015

The Executive Administrators at Hilton loved Tim's Microsoft Office
training so much, they invited Tim back to do more Microsoft Office
training! View email (below)

#3: Hilton loves Tim's online video training for his Microsoft Office.. Year 2017

Hilton re-subscribes to Tim's online video training for Microsoft Office
(this online video training website is known as 30secondtraining.com. View email (below)

#4: More of Tim's video training (onine Microsoft Office videos). Year 2018

Hilton resubscribes (3rd year) to Tim's Microsoft Office
video training website (30secondtraining.com)((image below)

#5: Tim invited to Atlanta. Year 2018

Hilton invites Tim to Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia for MORE (!)
Microsoft Office training for their Executive Administrators.

View email (below)

#6: Hilton invites Tim to Honolulu. Year 2018

Hilton invites Tim to teach Microsoft Office at their "Asian Pacific Retreat".

This retreat includes employees from Hawaii and Japan.

View email below.

#7: "Congratulations to Tim!" Year 2018

Kelly Clayton (Executive Admin to CEO Mark Wang) thanks Tim
View email below.

#8: Hilton wants Tim in Las Vegas! Year 2018

The fun isn't over!!!!

Some of the employees that were in Tim's class
at the "Atlanta Admins retreat" remember how much they loved his training
Those employees ask if Tim will do training at their offices
in Las Vegas, Nevada! What a testament to Tim's fun and effective training.

Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas
regional office invites Tim to
conduct Microsoft Office training.
View email below.

Why does Tim share this story? This is the level of professionalism, fun, and
effective training you want for your employees. You want training that your employees
love and find effective to their daily work. Tim' online training videos, live training,
and live webinars provide this and more. Don't settle for "big name" and big boring
training companies.

Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations LOVES Tim's training!!!!

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