Quick Reference clips for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
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Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint...
and the videos only last 30 seconds (or very close to it).

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19 Years Experience as a Microsoft Certified Trainer

- Tim Owens, the creator of this cloud based training, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer for 19 years.

The City of Beverly Hills, California has chosen Tim's classroom
training and they use Tim's Microsoft video training as well.

- Tim has taught Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint every day,
in a corporate classroom environment, for 19 years..

- Tim has put those 19 years of experience into these videos.

- Tim has put 19 years of answering questions, knowing the issues...into this training.

Tim Owens is Microsoft Trainer To The Stars -

Beverly Hills, California

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 U.S. Veteran created and owned business.
Support those who served. Semper Fi.

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*Most of my videos last 30 seconds or less. I did this so no one gets bored.
Some videos "must" be over 30 seconds but most of them, I try to get as
close to 30 seconds in duration as possible.
(from Tim Owens, Create / Owner...30secondtraining.com)

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