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Most decision makers

(1) agree Microsoft Office can be a challenge to use properly..
(2) want their employees to have the tools they need each day..
(3) invest in this training immediately and are admired for it....

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Ask yourself a logical question?
Would Hilton and The City of Beverly Hills
use our training if it were bad,
if it were ineffective,
if the employees didn't like it?

Trusted since 1996!
Trusted by the largest
and smallest companies
in America...since 1996! 22 years!

What We Do For You.


We Show Your Employees How To
Use Microsoft Word, Excel,
Outlook, PowerPoint properly
and easily so your employees can:

-accomplish twice as much in half the time
-accomplish in 4 hours instead of 8
-become happier employees..
-become more satisifed employees
-enjoy a "fun" work environment
-decrease employee stress
-have less headaches at work
-stop employees from leaving
your company due to low morale
-increase retention; keep your best employees
-increase office efficiency by 200 percent
-cut work time in half...(50 percent)
... and this is all EASY! EASY! EASY!

We don't expect you to believe us
so we ask you to allow us to do a 2 minute
live online presentation for you. This
will prove what we say. 2 minutes and
you will believe.

We can show you this! Easy! Easy! Easy!
We have been in business for
22 years and have thousands
of happy clients so we definitely
know what we are talking about!

All it takes is a phone call to us!
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What is this website about?
Microsoft "how to" video
clips online that last
30 seconds. Why watch a 12
minute video when you only
need 30 seconds? Makes sense!


Beverly Hills
Chamber of Commerce.
Swimming pools. Movie stars.

Tim Owens is a Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps. This training is made
in America by a U.S. Veteran. Thank you for supporting those who
served. "O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave."

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*Most of my videos last 30 seconds or less. I did this so no one gets bored.
Some videos "must" be over 30 seconds. However, I try to get as close to 30
seconds in duration as possible. (from Tim Owens, Create 30secondtraining.com)

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