#1 Tim's Pitch Deck (Download PDF)

#2 Tim's Pitch Deck (Download PowerPoint)

#3 15 examples of how employees waste 6 hours a day

#4 Mergers: Aquisitions by Amazon

#5 Why do they come to my webinars for training? (PDF)

#6 Why do they come to my webinars for training? (PPT)

#7 Webinar participants (XLS)

#8 City Employees Not Engaged

#9 Gig economy definitions

#10 TimOwens.Com Microsoft Office training

#11 Monthly Template activity

#12 "How to video" for client monthly report

#13 Baltimore MOED. "One Stop Career Center Locations

#14 Digital Learn. Assumes typing skills, mouse skills, how to open a browser knowledge, how to open Word, and Excel

#15 Maryland Workforce Exchange. Feee training that assumes typing skills, mouse skills, browser skills (opening a browser, how to click in the search box)

#16 Free Youtube training. Assumes mouse skills, typing skills, browser knowledge (how to start and open a browser) and assumes knowledge on how to open a new Microsoft Word, Excel document.


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